Wolke-VJ-logo-238x150Videojet offers a range of Thermal Ink Jet inks to support primary product printing, case coding and commercial graphics applications. Our inks are supplied in standard 42 mL cartridges with bulk supply options for select inks. In addition to a range of standard inks, Videojet and its sister business, Wolke Inks & Printers, offer a range of high performance Thermal Ink Jet inks.


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Wolke Universal Black Thermal Ink Jet Ink

Designed for primary packaging applications, Universal Black provides an optimal combination of performance parameters for porous and semi-porous materials.

  • Long decap time to aid first code print quality after line interruptions
  • Fast dry time, especially on porous substrates
  • Excellent edge acuity for crisp bar code elements and alphanumeric codes
  • Excellent UV resistance

Videojet / Wolke Premium Black Thermal Ink Jet Ink

Formulated for DataMatrix applications where code contrast is an important element of code quality, Premium Black is 30-35% darker than Universal Black on typical substrates. In addition, Premium Black delivers the same performance benefits as Universal Black in terms of decap performance, dry time, edge acuity and UV resistance.


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Premium Black Ink Brochure Thermal Ink Jet Print Sample Guide Inks and Fluids Expertise Brochure
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