CipherLab Windows®-based mobile computers combine powerful computing with rugged design, making them ideal for flexible, enterprise-wide solutions across multiple industries. Comes with versatile functionalities, they offer fully automated operation whether in the fields or within the fence. Users are now able to fulfill their tasks with ultimate support and simplified operation.

Android Mobile Computers
CipherLab Android-based mobile computers combine the intuitive user experience with rugged design, making them ideal for the workers in fast-paced industries who need to quickly respond to customer’s requests. Built with versatile functionalities, they are designed to maximize efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction.

Proprietary Systems
CipherLab Operating System (cOS) terminals are designed to tackle task-specific applications and provide long lasting performance with no down time. Featured simple and user-friendly interface, users are able to instantly get familiar with daily operations with very little training. In addition, the free Application Generator software allows quick and easy application development, giving users handy tools for maximized customization.