Zebra Xi4 TM High-Performance Printers


Zebra’s built-to-last XiTM series printers are legendary for their rugged durability, consistently outstanding print quality, fast print speed, long life and unparalleled reliability in demanding applications. These qualities translate into low total cost of ownership—making them a smart investment for organizations with high-volume, mission-critical or specialty labeling applications.

Xi4 printers build on this legacy to boost your operational productivity with up to 40 percent faster print speeds on select models, faster 10/100 Ethernet connection speeds, and enhanced early warning systems for reduced downtime. Other advanced and flexible features include a large, easy-to-read front panel for simple setup with optional customize able menu and support for a wider assortment of languages.
Integration is easier with a variety of network connectivity options, while ZebraLinkTM Solutions provide remote printer management capabilities.

Productivity That Won’t Quit
Drive down operations downtime with the all-metal Xi series’ rugged dependability and premium performance.

FAST Xi4 printers easily keep pace with your high-volume production line.
• Xi4 models with 14”/356 mm-per-second print speeds provide one of the fastest technologies on the market, improving productivity in batch printing and print-and-apply lines.
• Fast processing and throughput raise productivity.
• Powerful memory stores more label formats, fonts and graphics.
• Durable metal printhead mechanism delivers outstanding print quality over the long run, reducing
or eliminating downtime for printhead replacement.

DEPENDABLE For mission-critical and 24/7 operations, every minute down means money out the window. Turn up your uptime with Xi4 printers.
• The long-proven Xi series platform is designed and built to work nonstop, all day, every day.
• Quickly identify and resolve printer issues with early warning systems that indicate when to service the printhead and change ribbons/media, and with remote printer management/monitoring.

DURABLE Industrial-strength Xi4 printers withstand the most demanding operating environments.
• Rugged, heavy-gauge steel housing and metal interior components brush off bangs and bumps.
• Enclosed operating mechanisms block out debilitating dust and dirt.
• Printers operate trouble-free in a wide range of temperatures and humidity levels.

Flexible for Specialty Labeling Applications
• Handles everything from paper to specialty label and tag stocks.
• Easy change-over from one label media to the next.
• Consistently outstanding print quality on the widest range of media thicknesses.
• From tiny component labels, to compliance labels, to wide-web (e.g., chemical drum) labels, the Xi4
offers a wide range of print widths and resolutions to fit various applications.

Strong Return on Your Investment
• Reliable performance over the long run minimizes maintenance needs and total cost of ownership.
• With one printer model and Zebra’s wide range of label materials and sizes, you can address avariety of printing applications, reducing the need to purchase different printers for every specific labeling application.
• The wireless connectivity option frees you from paying for recabling with every physical reconfiguration of your operations.

Easy to Integrate
• The included internal ZebraNet® 10/100 Print Server (Ethernet) and secure 802.11b/g wireless connectivity options meet the needs of evolving network environments.
• Integrating and maintaining Xi4 printers remotely is simple with Zebra’s centralized management tools that leverage the power of ZebraLinkTM Solutions.

Printer Setup Made Simple
• Printer setup and configuration is now click-simple.
• Easy-to-follow wizards quickly guide you through configuration.
• Fast changes—whether you are adding a new printer, moving an existing printer to a new location or adding new capabilities.

Printer Auto-configuration
Using the new “Mirror” feature, Xi4 printers can leverage your existing server infrastructure to
automatically retrieve user-defined configurations, including files, formats, graphics and firmware.

Customize-able Menus
• Design and create customized menus.
• Menus can now contain just the items you define.
• Store multiple profiles on the printer and switch between them as needed.
• Contact Zebra’s Development Services group for assistance.

Supplies Monitoring
Monitor supply levels proactively
• New supplies monitoring feature works in real time.
• Printer alerts users when ribbon and media levels are running low, before they run out.

Zebra’s Enterprise Connector Solution
Streamline your printing process!
• Print barcode labels directly from Oracle’s BI Publisher.
• Easy to implement and manage.

ZebraNetTM Bridge Enterprise
Deploy, manage and monitor your Xi4 printers from a single PC screen anywhere on your global network—all from a user-friendly Windows® interface.