Zebra RW 420 TM Print Station

Carry Less, Do More
Boost the efficiency and productivity of your mobile workforce with our compact, lightweight and rugged RW 420 Print Station—perfect for your route accounting, direct store delivery, field service/sales, or
electronic citation operations. This price-competitive mobile workforce tool with built-in, easy-to-
use RW 420 mobile printer holds your choice of a Motorola® MC70 or MC75 removable mobile computer. Mobile workers can easily carry the streamlined RW 420 Print Station via shoulder or hand strap to customer visits—where they can rest the unit on their arm to enter data, conduct transactions via the optional magnetic stripe card reader,
and print receipts and other documents. They’ll carry less, do more! In addition, both the printer and mobile computer can charge simultaneously via a single source. Combined with one of the charging options shown on the back, this feature saves you money, saves space in the vehicle or settlement/field service dispatch center, and saves users time.

The RW 420 Print Station allows mobile workers to visit more customers and serve them in less time,
with fewer devices to carry and fewer trips to the vehicle. The RW 420 Print Station is ideal for printing:
• Receipt/invoices
• Settlement reports
• Load manifests
• Work orders
• Service estimates
• Electronic citations