Zebra P4T TM/RP4T TM

Zebra P4T TM/RP4T TM

World’s First Mobile RFID Printer— and Ideal for Long-Lasting Thermal Transfer Labels
Zebra’s P4T/RP4T is the first-ever mobile thermal transfer printer with RFID printing/encoding capability. The easy-to-carry P4T/RP4T printer enables you to print long-life barcode labels and documents up to 4” wide where and when you need them—resulting in enhanced data and asset-tracking accuracy and improved workforce efficiency. Uniquely flexible, the P4T/RP4T offers the advantages of thermal transfer image durability (barcodes/ text/graphics), optional RFID, advanced wireless connectivity options and included direct thermal mode in a versatile variety of combinations.

Thermal Transfer Longevity
When paired with tested genuine Zebra thermal transfer supplies, the P4T/RP4T printer produces
2- to 4-inch-wide labels or other documents that withstand harsh environments and offer archival
longevity ranging from 18 months to up to 10 years in outdoor applications.
UHF RFID Capability
With its RFID option, the P4T/RP4T printer is perfect if you need point- of-application UHF EPC Gen 2 smart labeling for compliance or business- improvement applications today— or if you think you might need it in the future.

Now these markets and applications can benefit from mobile printing

Manufacturing/Transport ation & Logistics Thermal Transfer Applications
You likely already use a thermal transfer tabletop printer in your operations because your printed labels need to stay readable and scannable long-term. You apply these long-lasting labels to items that must move through a long supply chain, endure long storage times, and/or encounter harsh or outdoor
environments. Now you can extend the functionality of your thermal transfer stationary printer to print
labels precisely where they need to be applied. When you print labels on the spot and on demand with the rugged P4T/RP4T mobile printer, you improve worker productivity by saving steps to and from a centralized printer. And you improve accuracy by ensuring the right label is applied to the right item.

Typical Uses
The P4T/RP4T mobile printer finds a ready home in
manufacturing plants and warehouses; retail store
warehouses, outdoor garden centers, and distribution
centers; and third party logistics warehouses.
Manufacturing and warehousing
• Receiving—inventory labeling
• Shipping—apply labels to items as they’re picked,
even from a forklift
• Work-in-process labeling—for harsh production
environments and to provide lifetime product
tracking for recall management and security
• Asset management
Transportation and logistics
• Producing shipping labels where mobility is valued,
such as labeling large items or items at the shipping
• Cross-docking
• Container labeling

markets and applications

Manufacturing/Transport ation & Logistics/Retail RFID Applications
Whether you’ve implemented an RFID initiative to meet compliance mandates or to gain asset visibility
and process efficiencies—or both—conveniently extend RFID labeling to places you couldn’t before.
A mobile UHF Gen 2 RFID mobile printer for printing/ encoding 4-inch smart labels adds the step-saving efficiency of point-of-application labeling, as well as the assurance that the label is applied accurately to the right pallet.

Typical Uses
RFID compliance
If you’re a supplier to large retailers or the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), you may face an RFID
compliance mandate, or may face one in the future. The P4T/RP4T is especially valuable to:
• Print new RFID pallet or carton labels when existing pallets are broken down and repackaged, or to
replace damaged RFID pallet labels.
• When specific pallets in inventory are bound for a mandating customer, pick and apply RFID labels
right there in the warehouse; the P4T/RP4T forklift mount makes it easy. Also ideal for labeling large
items, or labeling at the shipping dock.
Business improvement
As use of RFID tagging grows, your company will find a mobile RFID printer valuable for:
• Closed-loop applications such as work-in-process tagging and other on-site asset and inventory tracking applications.
• Streamlining logistics and supply chain management. Shipping/receiving, warehouse and distribution operations can tag specific cases and pallets, as well as large assets, on the spot—helping you improve enterprise materials management, inventory control and track-and-trace systems.
• Retail item-level RFID tagging. Some companies are tagging at the item level so they have full supply chain visibility. A small, versatile mobile RFID printer is a must in retail environments for re-pricing and restocking of product.

Mobile Workforce/Field Service Applications
Workers who spend most of their time working out of the building benefit from mobile technology. Carrying handheld computers and printers with them enables them to print on site, on demand—enhancing their efficiency, data accuracy and customer satisfaction. Your mobile workers work in the field, where you need them to be able to apply labels that deliver durability and longevity in harsh outdoor environments, or deliver archive-quality documents up to 4” wide that don’t fade over time. Now with the rugged P4T/RP4T, you can print long-lasting thermal transfer labels and documents out in the field—and avoid the extra time, labor and potential errors caused by preprinting them.

Typical Uses
• Label attachment at remote locations (repair history)
• Utility labeling outside of plant
• Receipts—using the recommended genuine ZebraTM media—where image durability and archiveability
are required
• Asset tagging
» Utility: light poles and fixtures, electrical power/ water/gas/phone/cable sub-station equipment and
» HVA C: boiler, chiller, other equipment asset tags; proof of service receipts
» Construction sites: heavy equipment and tool asset tagging; inventory control
» Indoor equipment tags: long-life tags
» Fleet management: identifying and tracking service vans, trucks and other vehicles
» Building inspection: fire extinguishers, exits, sprinkler systems

markets and applications

When it comes to U.S. military asset tracking and Unique Identification (UID) barcoding, you need
labels that can withstand extreme conditions. In state and local law enforcement, you need citations
and evidence labels that remain sharp and readable despite harsh environments and the effects of time.
Now, mobile thermal transfer printing brings you thisdurability plus the benefits of point-of-application
efficiency and accuracy.

Typical Uses
U.S. Department of Defense
Scanning barcode labels between destinations tracks movement and streamlines the deployment of troops and equipment, ensuring tight inventory control. The United States Department of Defense uses rugged Zebra thermal transfer printers and long- lasting synthetic labels that withstand harsh military environments to identify and track equipment and supplies.

Now, with the rugged, thermal transfer P4T/RP4T mobile printer, you can print, at the point of application, durable labels that withstand heat, sandstorms, and other harsh outdoor conditions.

• For example, label large assets like vehicles, and label inventory as it is received off cargo planes in war zones, and print missing and replacement MIL- STD-129 labels whenever needed.

• It’s also a convenient way to spot re-label legacy assets valued over $5,000 with UID replacement
• Specific genuine Zebra supplies have been independently tested to ensure compliance with the DoD’s requirements for UID labeling under MIL-STD-129 and MIL-PRF-61002A.

State and local law enforcement
Zebra’s mobile printing and ticketing solutions for electronic citation systems allow officers to easily
print citations on the scene. The P4T/RP4T printer’s thermal transfer printing together with special
genuine Zebra receipt media provide you with extra confidence that even when exposed to moisture or
high temperatures, citations will remain readable and enforceable.
For a secure chain of custody, you need crime evidence barcode labels with archival longevity that
ensures they can be scanned long after collection. You also need the mobility of a printer that can print
evidence labels right at the point of collection to ensure accurate information. The P4T/RP4T mobile
thermal transfer printer answers both needs at once.