ZEBRA P100i TM Card Printers

The Most Feature-rich and Affordable Card Printer In Its Class
Our single-feed, single-sided P100i color card printer lets you create individual custom cards on demand. Easy to use and budget-friendly, it helps you put personalized cards in the hands of cardholders in just moments.
The P100i saves time and effort if you often print a variety of card types. Its three built-in storage bays keep up to 100 cards on hand, clean, and ready to use. Optional features such as Ethernet connectivity, magnetic stripe encoding and smart card encoding make this a truly flexible and powerful printer.

Ideal for
• Customized bank /ATM cards
• Employee ID and building access control cards
• Student and faculty IDs
• Hotel and event cards
• Membership and loyalty cards
• Personalized gift cards
• Transit and recreation passes