Zebra EM 220

Compact and Affordable Mobile Receipt Printing for Use with Your Smartphone or Tablet Device.
Accept payment and print receipts on the go from Zebra’s EM220II mobile printer using the latest smartphone and tablet devices. The EM220II offers 802.11b/g wireless LAN capability for secure connections to existing networks
and supports Bluetooth® 3.0 connectivity to all mobile device platforms including Apple® iOS, AndroidTM,  Windows® Mobile and BlackBerry®. Quickly and easily swipe credit cards, print 2-inch-wide receipts, and keep your customers happy with this lightweight, simple to operate mobile printer.
Designed for simplified integration into your existing point-of-sale (POS) system, the affordable EM220II is ideal for mobile POS operations using the common ESC/POS language. With a battery capable of lasting an entire shift,
the EM220II ensures greater uptime and fewer printing interruptions to the fast check-out and great service your customers demand. Payment is accepted securely, with the card never leaving your customer’s sight. The printer is also compatible with sleds for barcode scanning from your iPod®, iPhone® or iPad®. With a variety of accessories and options, including a magnetic card reader, the EM220II mobile printer is the dependable choice for high-quality printing at an economical price.

Lightweight and Affordable, yet Feature-rich
The EM220II mobile printer lets you print receipts wherever your customers are via your smartphone or tablet device. Lightweight and unobtrusive, the EM220II lets users focus on their customers with simple operation and Zebra’s well-known printer reliability.

Connectivity Options for Today’s Smart Devices
• Compatible with the latest smartphone and tablet devices including the Apple iPod, iPhone and iPad, as well as Android and Windows Mobile platforms, via Bluetooth 3.0.
• Supports 802.11b/g, the most widely used and accepted standards at 2.4 GHz.
• Validated with industry-leading applications to verify interoperability and improved overall optimization when used with validated terminals.

Works As Long As You Do!
• Long-life Lithium-ion battery ensures eight hours of continuous operation.
• Four-step battery indicator lets you know well in advance of the need for a recharge.
• IP54 rating for water- and dust-resistance when using the protective case.

Easy To Wear
• Zebra’s lightest mobile printer weighing in at just 0.53 lbs (0.23 kg).
• Wear comfortably with a belt clip or shoulder strap for convenient and unobtrusive printing.
• Securely mount the EM220II with the new vehicle cradle accessory.

And easy to Use!
• Accept credit card payment with an optional magnetic card reader.
• Single push-button media access and intuitive paper reloading ensure quick media changes.

Genuine ZebraTM Supplies
Chose genuine supplies for high-quality, crisp printing and the peace of mind that your receipt and documents remain readable and intact for their entire life.
• Both in-stock and custom-made receipt paper.
• Materials that:
– Are tested and approved by Zebra Supplies Research and Development.
– Meet your application’s durability, image quality and archival requirements, as well as your budget.
– Can be custom pre-printed with your company logo, instructions, terms and conditions and other information,
allowing you to maximize the functionality of your receipts and documents.

ZebraCareTM Services
Reduce the cost of printer downtime due to lost productivity and unbudgeted repair costs by selecting a ZebraCare  Depot service agreement.
ZebraCare service agreements allow you to:
• Plan and budget annual service needs.
• Reduce the soft costs associated with printers that are down and need repair, and increase uptime.
• Choose the service option right for your organization.

Print Receipts on Demand with Your Smartphone or Tablet Device

The EM220II is an economical and ideal choice for mobile POS applications. Complete a checkout transaction anywhere in the store by scanning items with a smartphone or tablet device, accepting credit card payment and printing a receipt with the EM220II. You’ll provide memorable customer service—and offer your customers peace of mind since the card never leaves their sight.

Offer the convenience and security of table-side payment in your restaurant. Sporting events, concert venues and theme parks see shorter lines and increased customer satisfaction with mobile payment and receipt printing.

Use the EM220II to accept credit cards for fast on-board ticketing on bus, rail or ferry lines.

Field Service
Print a receipt or offer your customers documentation of services rendered, estimates, parts and warranty information, and service reminders.

Battery Charging Options
The EM220II offers a variety of charging options to meet your specific needs. Charge in-house with a battery charger or single or 4-bay docking cradle. For on- the-go charging, use the vehicle charging cable with cigarette lighter adapter. Spare batteries are also available.

Hands-Free Accessories
Keep your hands free with optional shoulder straps, belt clips, belt straps and an IP54-rated  durability-enhancing case. Taking the EM220II with you on the road? Consider the vehicle cradle for convenient storage and charging of the printer while in a vehicle.