Videojet® 6230

The Videojet 6230 is a low speed Thermal Transfer Printer that utilizes the latest technology to help reduce flexible packaging coding errors, and improve total cost of ownership (TCO) through a proven and cost-effective solution.

The 6230 Thermal Transfer Printer delivers easy usability with an intuitive tablet-like 5’’ touchscreen controller with CLARiTY™ interface. The simple ribbon path helps to ensure fast changeovers and a more efficient operation.

Code assurance comes as standard in the 6230 Thermal Transfer Printer when using templates created by CLARiSOFT™ or VideojetConnect Design software. These simple code creation tools help reduce operator interactions resulting in fewer user errors and unnecessary product waste and rework.

Available with Bluetooth®* connectivity, the 6230 can also be controlled from an Android phone**, simplifying operator interaction with the printer and production line.

In addition to the features available, the 6230 offers high-quality codes up to speeds of 150 ppm and is an ideal solution for users migrating to a digital solution from analog equipment like hot stamp and roller coders.

Specification Value
Printer Mode Intermittent and Continuous Motion
Print Gap 0.5mm (0.020 in)
Maximum Ribbon Length 700 meters max
Ribbon Widths Min: 20mm (0.8 in)
Max: 33mm (1.3 in)
Continuous Mode:
   Maximum Print Area (Width x Length) 32mm x 100mm (1.26” x 3.93”)
   Maximum Print Speed 500mm/sec. (19.7 in/sec)
   Minimum Print Speed 40mm/sec.(1.6 in/sec)
Intermittent Mode:
   Maximum Print Area (Width x Length) 32mm x 47mm (1.26” x 1.85”)
   Maximum Print Speed 300mm/sec. (11.8 in/sec)
   Minimum Print Speed 50mm/sec (2.0 in/sec)
Bar Code Printing EAN8, EAN13, UPCA, UPCE and QR codes
Estimated Maximum Throughput (Single Line Code, Continuous Mode) 150 packs/min
Standard User Interface CLARiTY™ 5.0 inch color QVGA CSTN LCD and touch screen (800 x 480 pixels)
Master/Follower Capability (Up to 4 Printers Controlled by One User Interface) Up to four Videojet 6230 printers controlled via a single CLARiTY™ control unit
Standard Communication USB memory stick, ethernet, RS232, ASCII and binary communications
Bluetooth Connectivity Warranted to work with the recommended Videojet Bluetooth USB Adapter only

Simple usability
  • Simple change ribbon cassette, with push button lock mechanism, allows for fast and easy ribbon replacement
  • Intuitive tablet-like 5” touchscreen controller with CLARiTY™ interface used on other Videojet printers used in other Videojet technologies
Fits your unique production needs
  • Airless operation removes the need for plant air
  • Offers high-quality codes up to speeds of 150 packs / minute
  • Single design printhead for intermittent or continuous printing
  • Compact design easily integrates into most production lines
Built-in productivity
  • Precise ribbon control with bidirectional stepper motors minimizes gaps between codes and reduces ribbon wastage
  • 700m maximum ribbon length requires fewer ribbon changes versus hot stamp or other competitive TTO systems
  • Simple ribbon path that ensures fast changeovers and a more efficient operation
  • Bluetooth®* connectivity allows operator to control printer from an Android phone**
Code Assurance
  • WYSIWYG print preview allows operators to confirm the correct code is selected
  • Built-in code assurance software helps to reduce operator-induced errors, decreasing unnecessary product waste and rework
  • Real-time clock stamp avoids date errors
  • Benefit from simple code creation with VideojetConnect™ Design or CLARiSOFT™ software
Fruits and Vegetables Baked Goods and Cereal
Fruit-Vegetable-335x200 Bakedgoods-335x200
Salty Snacks Dairy
saltysnacks-335x200 dairy-335x200
Frozen Prepared Meals
Meat & Poultry
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