Videojet® 2120

The Videojet 2120 is an easy-to-use printer for applying single or twin line alphanumeric codes to a variety of products or packages. A choice of printheads and inks enable it to print on a wide range of porous and non-porous materials. The 2120 can control two printheads for opposite side case coding, and also offers multiple printer control from one screen for more complex, multi-line coding.

Specification Value
700 Series Printheads
Substrate Porous
Number of Dots 7 or 16
Print Height 13 mm – 50 mm (0.5 in – 2.0 in)
Maximum Print Speed
(Number of Dot Dependent)
72 m/min (236 ft/min) or 113 m/min (371 ft/min)
800 Series Printheads
Substrate Non-Porous
Number of Dots 7 or 16
Print Height 11 mm – 92 mm (0.4 in – 3.6 in)
Maximum Print Speed
(Number of Dot Dependent)
87 m/min (285 ft/min) or 126 m/min (413 ft/min)
Minimum Print Speed 8 m/min (26 ft/min)
Ink Capacity 1 L, 18.9 L (5 gallon) optional
Standard User Interface CLARiTY® 5.7 inch color SVGA LCD touchscreen
Master/Slave Capability
(Up to 4 Printers Controlled by One User Interface)
Up to 4
Standard Communication RS232, Ethernet, USB Memory Stick
Web Browser Capability Yes

Uptime Advantage
  • New print array with each cartridge change, ensuring peak performance
  • No wear parts or maintenance consumables; no calibration procedures
  • Designed and tested for 99.9% Availability*
  • Rugged, industrial design made to withstand challenging production environments
Application Coverage on Demanding Surfaces
  • Inks are quality engineered for lasting codes on a variety of products and surfaces
  • Compact printhead design allows for easy integration into existing conveyance systems
  • Advanced printhead slant control technology allows the printhead to be mounted at an angle so the text message style, density and height can be matched to the case design
Built-in Color Touchscreen Makes Operator Intervention Easy
  • Onscreen editor allows you to create and edit messages on the fly
  • Onscreen indicators report ink use, job status, message preview, counts and other production details at a central location for controlling and interacting with the printer
  • Control and access can be limited with passwords to help ensure your production continues unimpeded
Simple Usability Keeps Operators Focused on Production, Not the Printer
  • Built-in configuration wizard shortens system setup time by guiding the operator through the installation process
  • Printer can operate in standalone mode using intuitive interface or be networked to PLCs or factory management systems for centralized control
  • Communication protocols include Ethernet, RS232 and USB to match your operating requirements
  • Print data can be encoded as ZPL or text communication
  • Connect packaging and printer controllers for web browser functionality of standalone machines
  • Master/slave functionality allows up to four printers to be controlled from one controller for more efficient job management
Seamless Integration with Other Videojet Products Validates Matching Codes Factory Wide
  • Single point message selection is delivered to multiple devices
  • CLARiNET® software connects all Ethernet devices, including scales and scanners, throughout the production floor
Beverage Building Materials
beverage-wine-bottles-335x200 Buildingproducts-335x200
Diary Egg
dairy-335x200 egg-coding-335x200
Fruits and Vegetables Tobacco
Fruit-Vegetable-335x200 cigarette-coding-335x200
2120 Brochure