The new high speed Pro Series features many improvements designed to increase the functionality and durability of TSC’s flagship industrial printer line.

Pro Series Enhancements

The TTP-2410M Pro Series is based on the proven TTP-2410M platform with many significant changes. The new Pro Series features a separate die-cast aluminium base plate and backplane that includes a metal media supply spindle and sturdy two roller damper. This new design results in a more durable printer that is suited for your most heavy-duty demand cycles. Other enhancements include a new motor mount for quieter printing, a gap sensor lock to keep the label sensor from shifting, and a new anti-static ribbon brush. Finally, TSC has added an optional USB Host option for applications that require the use of either a USB scanner or keyboard.

Superb Resolution, Great Warranty

There are three models available with the TTP-2410M ProSeries. The TTP-2410M Pro prints at 203 dpi at speeds up totwelve inches per second, TTP-346M Pro offers 300-dpi resolution at speeds up to eight inches per second, and the TTP-644M Pro features 600 dpi resolution which makes it ideal for printing very small 2D barcodes, graphics, fine print and other ultra-high-resolution images. All TSC printers feature a standard two-year limited warranty.

Loaded with Standard Features

The TTP-2410M Pro Series printers are loaded with standard features including support for 600 meter ribbons, 8.2”OD media rolls, a large 6-button LCD display, built-in Ethernet, a PS/2 keyboard interface, and USB 2.0, parallel and serial interfaces. An industry-standard GPIO port or a USB Host port is available as an option.

Memory to Spare

The Pro Series offers plenty of memory, including 32 MB SDRAM and 8 MB FLASH, which provides easy storage of fonts, international character sets and graphics. The Pro Series also includes a secure digital (SD) FLASH memory card slot for inexpensively adding up to 4 GB of memory.

Economy Models

Built specifically for the budget–minded, the TTP-246M Pro 203 dpi and TTP-344M Pro 300 dpi printers offer the same heavy duty design of the TTP-2410M Pro but operate at slower speeds.

The Plus standard features include a 6-button LCD display, 8 MB SDRAM, 4 MB FLASH with serial, parallel and USB connectivity, and optional internal Ethernet networking for simple integration.

Powerful TSPL-EZTM Printer Programming Language

TSC ships TSPL-EZTM firmware in all its printers. TSPL-EZTM supports three different printer languages including TSC printer language, TPLE (Translation Printer Language Eltron ), and TPLZ (Translation Printer Language Zebra). TSPL-EZTM features internal scalable True Type fonts, and a BASIC interpreter with file manager for creating powerful printer interface applications with multiple type of hosts.

• Ethernet, USB 2.0, serial and parallel connectivity are standard.

• Heavy duty die-cast aluminum design›300 dpi & 600 dpi resolution options›600 meter ribbon supply.

• Large LCD display with 6-button menus›8 MB FLASH and 32 MB SDRAM memory.

• SD FLASH memory expansion up to 4 GB›Up to 305 mm (12”) per sec. print speed.

• 32 bit RISC processor.

• PS/2 keyboard interface for stand-alone printing.

• TSPL-EZTM firmware for plug-n-play ease.

• Powerful basic programming tools.

• Options include:

   – USB Host for Use with Keyboards and Scanners;

   – Peel, Present & Rewind;

   – General Purpose IO Connectivity;

   – Knife & Rotary Cutters.

• Industrial-Duty Printing

• Healthcare Patient Safety

• Compliance Labeling

• Work in Process

• Order Fulfillment

• Distribution

• Shipping/Receiving

• Ticketing

• Electronics & Jewelry Labeling