TSC is a leading manufacturer of thermal printers. Since 1991 we have built and designed printers for sale under the TSC brand, as well as for the best known barcode printer-companies in the world. Our superior design and manufacturing capabilities makes TSC the world leader for ODM and OEM projects for some of the largest companies in the barcodeprinter industry. Our own 4” lineup of desktop and industrial thermal printers effectively addresses the majority of customer requirements with the best price-value in the market.

In 2004 TSC released the TDP-245 and TTP-245 thermal desktop printers. These printers have been a huge success and have attracted a fast growing dealer and customer base.

The industrial models TTP-246M and TTP-344M offer the best price-value to the market. Full-metal design combined with a great variety of interfaces and flexible firmware structure give customer the most-easiest way to integrate an industrial label printer in existing systems. These printers are really “working-horses” and all options are user-installable.


The New TTP-244 Combines A Lot of Features At An Unbeatable Price

• 300 meter ribbon-roll support on standard core (ink side out)

• Both thermal direct- and thermal printing

• Dual motor-design for less strain and longer lifetime

• 2-year warranty on printer and one year on printhead

• Wide opening cover for easy media-loading

• 109mm internal label-roll, with external media-hanger you can use a 203mm diameter roll

• 102mm/sec. printing speed

• Serial and USB interface

• Full functioning label software BarTender UL“ included

• USB interface cable included


There is one primary competitor→ Zebra ́s TLP-2844. Compared to the
TLP-2844, the TTP-244 offers the following main-advantages:

• 300 meter ribbon support on standard-core

• 2-year warranty on printer, 1 year warranty on print-head (or 30km)

• Dual-motor design for less strain and longer durability

• 2MB Flash-program memory and 2MB DRAM

• Integrated TSPL-2 language, supports BASIC-like functions, able to communicate directly with weight-scale, scanner or plc.

• Self-discriminating of 3 popular printer-languages

• Entry-Level thermal direct-thermal transfer printer with 203 dpi resolution

• Out of the box and Auto-Discriminating

• Support of 300 meter standard ribbon-rolls

• Sturdy design with dual-motor gear and 2 year warranty