Cipherlab 9600

Designed for demanding mobile applications, the 9600 series delivers the optimal combination of fast data capture, easy information access, usability, and powerful processing in a single, lightweight mobile computer.

The Perfect Companion in the Field

Now you can reliably capture and retrieve the critical informa- tion needed in the field. Both Cisco® CCX- compatible WLAN and GSM/GPRS/EDGE communications let you upload and download data nearly anywhere. 1D or 2D, RFID, signature capture, digital camera, and massive storage capacity let you document more and maintain company records in a wide range of formats. The bright display supports graphical business and user applications to help you make more intelligent decisions for your customers and your company. GPS-ready, the 9600 can help you locate your customers wherever they are to keep your deliveries and service calls on track and on schedule.

Your Information Source on the Floor

Your Windows®-based retail applications are stronger than ever. Supported by a powerful processor and graphical display, multiple AIDC capabilities, multi-modal communications (WWAN, WPAN, plus Cisco® CCX V4-compatible WLAN), the 9600 series makes it easier than ever to manage and track products—and even process sales. Whether on the sales floor or in a delivery truck, you can easily and reliably scan and update inventory, take orders, capture signatures, and send replenishment data across the room or around the world.

Limitless Applications

What could be better than an incredibly easy to use and light- weight AIDC tool? The 9600 masters your business applications with ease, empowering your workforce with all the tools available in your host systems. Supported by a wide variety of development tools, the 9600 puts incredible computing possibilities in your employees’ hands.

Our Most Powerful Industrial Mobile Computer for Field Service and Sales
We’ve combined all the right technologies into the 9600 with an ergonomic design to help make field and office personnel more productive throughout the day.

The 9600 can read 1D or 2D codes with your choice of linear imager, 2D imager or laser options. With built-in RFID reader/writer, signature capture, VGA touch screen, 2-megapixel digital camera with LED flash, and your choice of 29-key or 43-key keypad, the 9600 series provides multiform data input for maximum efficiency.

Field service and sales now is made simple, anywhere, with built-in quad-band EDGE and integrated GPS. The 9600 series, equipped with CCX V4-compatible Summit® WLAN modules, gives you reliable, advanced wireless communications. If your current network is built on Cisco® wireless communications, you can extend Cisco® features currently used to the 9600 units for a more advanced data capture infrastructure.

On the sales floor, in the warehouse, or in the field—indoors and outside—the 9600 is designed to stand up to the most extreme environments and toughest working conditions. It’s been tested with repeated 1.5-meter drops onto concrete, tumbled 1,000 times from a 100-cm height, exposed to temperatures from -10 to 50° C with up to 95% humidity, and meets IP64 specifications.

Designed around XScale® technology, Marvell’s PXA270 embedded processor, and Windows® embedded CE operating system, the 9600 series delivers high-performance computing power with graphical multimedia, yet is incredibly energy efficient. Its large, on-board 1GB memory with microSD slot for up to 16GB maximizes flexibility and scalability for enterprise-wide solutions.