MP KLENN, Multi Purpose Cleaner
Special designed for multi purpose cleaner, Neutral pH and safe for hands. Formulated with fruity fragrance for a cleaner enviroment. Non filming and non streaking characteristics.

SUPER KLENN, Alkaline Multi Purpose Cleaner
Is an Alkaline based multi purpose cleaner and degreaser. Formulated with strong surfactant to remove soil / grease / and other stubborn scale.

GLASS KLENN, Antimist Glass Cleaner
Specially formulated to clean all glass surfaces. It’s very effective to remove grime, oil films and dust without leaving any residu or streaks.

BEST DEGREASE, Heavy Duty Degreaser
Is a water soluble in both hot and cold contains strong grease cutting solvents. Ideal for multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser for machinery, workshops, heavy equipment and most other industrial surfaces.

SUPER DEGREASE, Heavy Duty Cleaner And Degreaser
Uniquely formulated water based cleaner and degreaser that is both effective and economical. Ideal for multi-purpose cleaner for most industrial applications.

T-BOWL KLENN, Antibacterial Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Specially formulated with antibacterial surfactants to remove lime deposit and stains created by water hardess and iron content in water. Use on ceramic toilet bowl & urinals.

SUPER STRIP, Super Polish Stripper
Is a low suds wax stripper, formulated with high grade solvents. Its make the product effectively strips a heavy build up floor waxes, also can be use for most other hard floor surfaces.

FLOOR PELL, Daily Moping Detergent
Is a daily moping detergent. Formulated with fruity fragrance makes it safe and pleasant for regular usage. Its neutral pH yet is concentrated enough to be an economical cleaner.

FLOOR KLENN, Liquid Floor Cleaner
Concentrated multi purpose cleaner with anti-bacteria agent. Special designed for maintenance and general cleaning of any kind of floors.

DUST KLENN, Dust Mop Treatment
Effective dust mop / cloth treatment. It traps and holds dust and dirt in the mop until released with a quick shake leaves no oily residue.