BEST CS 70, Hi-Foam carpet Shampoo Detergent
Is a concentrated high foaming carpet shampoo suitable on all water washable carpet. After cleaning operation, the residual soil may be removed by vacuum cleaner.

BEST CS 89, Carpet Extration Detergent
Is a liquid detergent specially for formulated for use with spray extraction carpet and upholstery cleaning machines. Low foam with special surfactant to attract dust and keep soil suspensed for easy removal by vaccum cleaner.

BEST CS 100, Scented Carpet Extraction Detergent
Low foam detergent for carpet & upholstery spray extraction. Soil emulsifiers provide optimum cleaning, optical brighterers restore luster, while perfurme provides a pleasant fragrances.

BEST SPOTTER, Carpet Stain Remover
Formulated with advanced blend of solvents to remove a wide variety of spot and stains such as wine, coffee, and tea on the carpet.

DE-FOAMER, Anti-Foam Solution
Eliminated excessive foam from the recovery tanks of spray extraction machines and wet pick up suction cleaners.