Videojet® 7210/7310

The Videojet 7210 and 7310 are 10 Watt and 20 Watt pulsed fiber lasers respectively. They are some of the most compact, versatile and low maintenance solid-state marking systems available. The 7210 and 7310 have been designed for direct parts marking and unique identification applications on metals, plastics and other hard to mark materials in the aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical devices and tools markets.

Specification 7210 7310
Laser Tube Solid State Fiber Solid State Fiber
Maximum Power 10W 20W
Laser Cooling Fan Fan
Maximum Print Speed 700 characters/sec 700 characters/sec
Maximum Line Speed 600 m/min (1968 ft/min) 600 m/min (1968 ft/min)
Environmental Protection IP54 IP54
Beam Output Steered Beam Steered Beam
Laser Source Expected Life >100,000 hours >100,000 hours
Laser Wavelength Options 1.06 μm 1.06 μm
Focal Distance Options 50 mm (1.96 in) – 420 mm (16.53 in) 50 mm (1.96 in) – 420 mm (16.53 in)
Maximum Mark Window 498.5 x 361.5 mm (19.62 x 14.23 in) 498.5 x 361.5 mm (19.62 x 14.23 in)
Standard I/O Connectivity Internal Terminal Connections Internal Terminal Connections
Standard User Interface Handheld Handheld
Optional User Inteface PC, Touch Panel PC, Touch Panel
Plant Air Used No No
Certifications/Approvals CE CE

Ytterbium laser source is tuned for high quality marking of metal and plastic materials:
  • Able to mark a range of standard fonts, machine readable codes and graphics
  • Multiple scan heads and precision optics to achieve desired mark quality
  • Optional high resolution scan heads offer exceptionally large marking areas, and extra wide mark fields for high speed mark-on-fly applications
Uptime Advantage keeps productivity up and costs down:
  • Ultra-reliable fiber laser source lasts 100,000+ hours and eliminates pump chamber maintenance common with Nd:YAG lasers
  • High-efficiency laser source is internally fan cooled and needs no external cooler maintenance
Engineered to fit seamlessly into your production line and workflow:
  • Ultra compact and low maintenance solid-state marking system perfect for Direct Parts Marking (DPM) and Unique Identification (UID) applications on metals, plastics and other hard-to-mark materials
  • Multiple data integration methods available from standalone to network integration via Ethernet and RS232 interfaces, for optimal control for your needs
  • Superior high-speed marking technology creates high quality, consistent, crisp marking
  • Intuitive software lets you easily create messages with automatically updated content, symbols, graphics and languages
Electrical Components and Electronics Automotive and Aerospace
Electronics-coding-335x200 Automotive-335x200
Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices
7210 and 7310 Spec Sheet