Videojet® 1860

The Videojet 1860 provides advanced warning of clogging and EHT trips. The new SIMPLICiTYTM interface greatly reduces operator interactions, and the optional VideojetConnectTM Remote Service minimizes the need for on-site service calls.

Performance Without Surprises

Putting the Continuous Into Continuous Inkjet

The printer has been designed to deliver industry
first predictive capability providing superior uptime
and performance. The result is a revolutionary design
that achieves your marking and coding objectives
today and as they evolve.




Industry First Predictive Ink Build-up  Sensor

Significantly reduce the main cause of unplanned printer
downtime with an industry first ink build-up sensor. The 1860 printhead incorporates a unique sensor which enables the printer to detect build up in the printhead, alerting the user with advanced notification before print
clipping and the associated EHT trips occur.





Continuously Monitor Your 1860 Printer’s Health

Powerful on-board intelligence runs through
a revolutionary system, with 53 sensors
continuously monitoring over 150 key indicators
of printer performance, providing expert
diagnostics, analytics and guiding you to
correct problems before they happen.





Make Up Reserve Tank With A Minimum 8 Hours of Run Time

An additional reserve tank protects production
under normal operating conditions – allowing ample
advance warning to prevent a downtime event.

Precise fluid transfer measurement increases
the stability of the ink and make-up mix, and
provides reliable indication of remaining fluid
levels. The 1860’s fluid system features a larger
1 litre Smart Cartridge™ with the Videojet
embedded microchip, ensuring only compatible
fluids are used. Loading the wrong ink or an
incompatible make-up fluid is impossible,
helping prevent common operator mistakes.


Natural Fit On Your Line

Meeting The Most Exacting Standards

The 1860’s intelligent air flow system directs clean,
cool air to critical components in the printer, extending
the stable operating temperature range to 0-50°C,
even in the most challenging environments.


Driving Down Operational Costs

The 1860 printer is our most efficient yet, with savings
up to 20%* achievable through an innovative approach
to condenser design and solvent recirculation.





Meeting the Most Exacting Standards

The 1860 enables an efficient cleaning operation and faster restart
of your line. Available with optional IP66 rating, hygienic design following industry guidelines incorporates slanted surfaces
that help to prevent fluids or debris build-up, and also help eliminate potential dirt traps.

Available with an optional IP66 rating, eliminates the need to
remove the printer from the line during wash-down.
The 1860 lives on your line in your tough
manufacturing environment.



Minimal Touch Design

Wizards – Guiding You Every Step of the Way

Built-in wizards allow you to customize your interface
to help ensure that your operators only see the options
they need. Error-proofing rules help define editable
fields, permissible data types, date range restrictions
and more, greatly reducing printer interactions and
potential user errors.






SmartCellTM Maintenance Made Simple

Simplify routine maintenance with three color coded.
easy to replace components that can be changed in
just minutes with Videojet SmartCell™ technology.

On-screen alerts provide advance notification,
allowing maintenance to be performed in line
with your production schedules.


Unique Nozzle Design

The unique design means a cleaner start and print with
longer runs over wide ranges of changing production
conditions. The enhanced Dynamic Calibration™
gives you independent viscosity monitoring and control,
removing the need to wait for the system to get up to
temperature before starting your print job.





Built-in Evolution

Improve your operations today and tomorrow

The 1860 supports you as your printing needs
change and as your production processes evolve.

New capabilities that expand your printer’s functionality
can be selectively added as you need them.

The scalability of the 1860’s advanced software can make
your printer more productive and profitable as objectives
change. This functionality can make the 1860 the printer
that increases value to your operations over time.


Fine tune your productivity with Videojet LifeCycle AdvantageTM

The 1860’s advanced runtime analytics and reporting will
help ensure continuous improvement. Historical events
from back as far as 90 days can be logged and analyzed.

Optional VideojetConnect™ Remote Service can then
interrogate your performance using easily accessible
drill-down reports.

Specialist Videojet technicians will analyze your comprehensive
data logs and determine the cause and context, enabling you
to reduce future unplanned downtime.