TSC TTP-243 Pro . TTP-243E Pro . TTP-342 Pro

TTP-243 Pro . TTP-243E Pro . TTP-342 Pro


Since the first introduction of the TSCTM TTP-243, it has re-defined the value of an entry-level desktop
printer. With TSC’s innovative Dual-Motor print engine design, TTP-243 series has earned its reputation
as the toughest and most durable printer in its class.
Endorsed by hundreds of thousand’s of happy customers, TSCTM proudly introduces the new TTP-243 Pro
series. The TTP-243 Pro continues to adapt the same amazing market-proven mechanism of TTP-243 Plus
which easily handles 300-meter long ribbon and up to 8.4” OD roll of labels. It also has two standard
interfaces RS-232 serial and fast USB 2.0. If the customer still needs parallel interface, a factory option
is available for a main board contains both RS-232 serial and parallel ports.
Even better, TTP-243 Pro has brand new state-of-the-art electronics. With the advanced 32-bit high
performance processor, TTP-243 Pro allows the user to process more data without sacrificing its
throughput speed. TTP-243 Pro comes with generous 4 MB Flash, 8 MB SDRAM and offers an optional
SD card reader for memory expansion up to 4 GB.
The TTP-243 Pro series features the powerful TSCTM Printer Language –TSPL as well as TPLE (Translation
Printer Language Eltron®). A free unlimited version of labeling software and Windows® driver are included
in the package to save even more for the customers.
The exceptional performance of TTP-243 Pro series allows the customers to print out labels every day
whenever they need and how they want it. Once it is installed, you can count on it!
The popular options include: rotary cutter, keyboard display units, long range linear imaging bar code
scanner, SD card reader slot, Bluetooth module, 3” core label spindle & external label hanger
(for TTP-243E Pro model).