Handheld scanners make work easier with fast, accurate barcode scanning in retail, industrial, environments. cipherlab’s realiable and rugged handheld, wired scanners are designed to help accelerate producitivity while minimizing total cost of ownership.

Wherever handheld scanners are used—on the shop floor, at the checkout counter, in the manufacturing line, or in the documentation center—they must be comfortable and safe for the user, stand up to tough environments, be
cost-effective to operate, and deliver undeniably accurate scans all day long.
CipherLab designs and manufactures the industry’s top handheld scanners to provide outstanding, long-lasting service for workers and deliver a high return on investment (ROI). Reliability, user comfort, rugged construction, and low power consumption (an average 50 percent lower than competitors’ devices) make CipherLab scanners the ideal choice for long-lasting value in any industry.

1000 & 1090+

When it comes to reading a variety of symbologies and printed materials, the cipherlab 1000 and 1090+ CCD sanners are ideal for consistently accurate data capture in any environment. Contact scanners eliminate misreading clustered or poorly printed barcodes. Smart ergonomic design with a sturdy thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) rubber boot make them easy to use and rugged. Auto-discrimination of the barcode type and a CCD imager in-
stead of a laser make them accurate, reliable scanners, with no moving parts to break down. Low power consumption helps minimize TCO and makes these scanners ideal choices for
close scanning, even of wider barcodes (up to 90 mm with the 1090+).


For fast scanning of multiple symbologies, the CipherLab 1100/1105 retail linear imaging scanners are ideal to boost productivity with low cost of ownership. these scanners automatically sense symbology type and read barcodes up to 20 cm / 7.9 in. away, making them easy-to-use, versa- tile tools. Built with no moving parts and using rugged double-injection molded TPU, the 1100/1105 scanners withstand multiple 2-meter/6.5-foot drops onto con- crete, providing long-lasting service with low total cost of ownership.


Ideal for retail applications, the CipherLab 1200 Laser Scanner quickly and accurately reads barcodes up to 64 cm / 2 ft. away, allowing you to work smarter and faster. Small size, ergonomic design, and light weight make the 1200 scanner easy and comfortable to use all day long.