Cipherlab Corded Scanner

CipherLab’s reliable and affordable handheld, corded scanners are designed to help accelerate productivity while minimizing total cost of ownership. CipherLab offers you ideal devices, which make the work easier with fast, accurate barcode scanning in retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and enterprise environments.

Comfortable and Powerful

Delivering Outstanding Service and Value

Wherever handheld scanners are used, whether it’s on the shop floor, at the checkout counter, in the manufacturing line, or in the documentation center, they must be comfortable and safe for the users and deliver undeniably accurate scans all day long. More importantly, they should be cost-effective to operate.
CipherLab designs and manufactures the industry’s top handheld scanners to provide outstanding reliable service for workers and deliver a high return on investment (ROI). Reliability, user comfort, and power consumption 50% lower than competitor’s devices on average make CipherLab scanners the ideal choice for long-lasting value in any industry.

Designed to provide an affordable and reliable solution for overwhelming scanning
demands on shop floors and at checkout stands, the CipherLab 1070 CCD scanner
helps businesses streamline workflow and boost work productivity with consistent,
accurate data capture. Its aesthetically designed lightweight form factor fits in nicely with any retail setting – even high-end boutiques. The ergonomic handle grip offers all-day comfort for intensive scanning tasks. Together with 3-year warranty, the 1070 ensures not only reliable capture of data and long-lasting performance, but also a significantly lowered total cost of ownership – offering a high return on investment for any retail business.


When it comes to reading a variety of symbologies and printed materials, CipherLab gives you the 1000 and 1090+. These CCD scanners not only deliver consistently accurate data capture in any retail environment, they also eliminate misreading clustered or poorly printed barcodes. Both are ideal for close scanning of wide barcodes with the 1090+ scanning up to 9 cm and the 1000 reading high resolution barcodes up to 3mil. Both contact scanners come with smart ergonomic design enhanced with a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) rubber boot to give users a comfortable grip and long-lasting durability. Their imager build with no moving parts together with lower power consumption and a five-year warranty make them the perfect choice for reliable performance.

For manufacturing companies looking for scanners which are powerful, versatile and rugged,the CipherLab 1100 and 1105 linear imaging scanners would be the choice to go. Designed to endure the harsh working environment of manufactory factories, these CCD scanners carry no moving parts and are built with rugged double-injection molded TPU. They are also test-proven to withstand multiple 2 m (6.5 ft.) drops onto concrete and backed by CipherLab’s five-year warranty to ensure long-lasting and reliable service. Aside the rugged build, both the 1100 and 1105 offer accurate data capture of multiple symbologies – with the 1100 to read high density barcodes as small as 3mil, which makes it ideal for tracking smaller parts and components marked by tiny labels.


Leader in the Industry
CipherLab leads the industry with high-quality, rugged scanners that are
designed to meet the specific needs of users in a wide range of
environments. We acquired our leadership position through more than
twenty years of designing and manufacturing scanners, from our first CCD
barcode scanner released in 1991 to our most recent announcements of
powerful, versatile handheld scanners.

Taking Care of Our Customers

Our customers trust the experience we’ve gained from working with many different
industries and providing them scanning solutions to help boost productivity with low
TCO. Our scanners can be found in retail, medical, transportation, manufacturing,
and financial sectors. That’s why we understand the needs of both the industries
scanners are used in and the people who handle them all day long. We back our
reputation for quality and reliability with a 3 to 5-year warranty on our non-laser
handheld scanners.

Extensive Research and Development
Innovative engineering and design is supported with extensive research
and development in optics, electronics, and communications technology.
Our R&D engineers ensure operating satisfaction from proof-of-concept to
production-line products.

Internationally Recognized Quality
Our commitment to the highest manufacturing quality is recognized around the world by users and businesses, which depend on the daily performance of our scanners. We operate under the ISO 9001 quality standards and ISO 14000 environmental standards certified by international organizations. You can trust CipherLab scanners to deliver
dependable operation with a low TCO and high ROI. Our products are recognized around the world for their work and business value.