Cipherlab 9500

Designed to fit your world, the 9500 series gives you the right data capture tools at the right time, so you can make smarter decisions for your business. The 9500 series lets you work indoors and outside, safely, effectively, and easily, with both RFID and barcode reading capability (imager or laser), and communicate wirelessly in three different ways to your corporate information systems. The 9500 series is the most versatile, efficient, mobile computer available.

Industrial / Manufacturing

From paper products to electronics, automobiles, and pharma- ceuticals, the 9500 series helps streamline your workflows and puts timely information in front of the people who need it to make both everyday and critical decisions that drive a successful business. From receiving and inspection, through WIP, QA, and shipment, the 9500 series, with industry-standard Windows® operating system, gives all your processes a flexible, rugged data capture tool that easily integrates into your back-end systems. Workers will appreciate its rugged, yet comfortable design, long battery life, and flexible data capture capabilities.

With both RFID and barcode reading capabilities, the 9500 series enables you to take advantage of tracking existing material, process, and product data, plus prepares you for more comprehen- sive RFID tagging possibilities beyond lots and batches. The 9500 gives your operations the capabilities to build a better business today and tomorrow.

Transportation / Logistics

What could be better than getting the right goods to the right place, delivered on time? Knowing their location, movement, condition, and delivery status every step along the way. The 9500 series is your key to logistics and transportation success by keeping you informed with more accurate data for scheduling, dispatching, shipping, receiving, and route accounting. A rugged device with flexible data capture−both RFID and barcode reading
−this mobile, handheld computer is easy to use indoors and in daylight, and combines powerful computing with long battery life and multiple communications options to get accurate data where it’s needed, when it’s needed.

As RFID applications increase to monitor, secure, and protect goods and shipments, the 9500 gives you the right tool to meet mandates and stay proactive. With the 9500 in your infrastructure, you can stay a step ahead of your delivery and your competition.

Easy Label Reading−At Any Distance

Eliminate the impacts on productivity from reading labels in distant or physically hard to reach locations, and accelerate all reading activities with longer-range lasers. The 9500 series gives you laser choices to read farther, while still reading barcodes close up. The 9500-LL, with a long-range laser, reads a 10 mil label as close as 5 cm (2 in.), while still able to read a 55 mil label as far away as 2.3 meters (7.6 ft.). For longer distances, the 9500-XL, with
extra-long-range laser, can read a 10 mil label at 15 cm (6 in.) and a 100 mil label up to 13 meters (43 ft.) away. Whether workers need to scan products inches away, across the aisle, or on the very top shelf, the 9500 series easily conforms to your work environment, making it ideal for many applications.

Wide Acceptance, Broad Application

Retail, manufacturing, professional service, government agency, and healthcare indus- tries have benefited from CipherLab’s innovative designs, comfortable ergonomics, ruggedness, features, and value in their mobile computer products.

Flexible, Powerful, Effective Data Collection That Works The Way You Do

Bumps, drops, cold, heat, humidity and constant use. These are the reasons we designed the 9500 for the most extreme treatment. It can withstand repeated 1.5 meter drops onto concrete, temperatures from -10°C to 50°C with up to 95% humid- ity, and dusty, wet environments to IP64 specifications−and continue to deliver the performance you need.

Designed around industry-leading XScaleTM technology and Windows® operating systems, the 9500 delivers maximum computing power with multimedia, energy efficiency, and easy application and system integration capabilities. Its large memory capacity, plus SD and CF slots, increase flexibility and expandability for large system applications.

The 9500 keeps working day and night with efficient energy usage and long battery life. Its 4000 mAh battery enables up to 20 hours of use between recharges1 for multi-shift operations. A backup battery protects data during battery replacement.


The 9500 series maximizes data collection flexibility with minimum total cost of owner- ship. With multi-mode communications and both RFID and a barcode reader in the same device, you can collect multiple data types and transmit anywhere, making the9500 series ideal for a variety of applications, in-house and in the field. If RFID is not
yet part of your infrastructure, you’ll be ready for it without additional investment.

Built to work the way you do, the 9500 integrates a range of communications options. Wireless LAN (802.11b/g) enables instant communications with back-end systems through local access points. Wireless WAN (GSM/GPRS) gives you maximum produc- tivity in the field to update enterprise databases from anywhere. Handy 2.4 G radio WPAN puts more information in more places wherever and whenever you need it. Plus, USB and Ethernet-enabled cradles give you limitless options for communications.

The large 3.5-inch transflective, backlit display and touchscreen let workers easily view information indoors and in bright daylight. The 27-key keypad and touchscreen stylus give users different control options, while multiple feedback methods keep them informed of system activities. Comfortable for long hours of use with or without the pistol grip, the 9500’s are supported with a full range of accessories.