Cipherlab 8700

Robust and Effective
The 8700 series can improve the efficiency of your manufacturing, transportation and logistics business. its durable design can function under harsh surroundings, and its intuitive Graphic User interface (GUI) is user-friendly. Equipped with a wide range of wireless connections, the 8700 helps improve communication and process.

Optimized Performance Under Harsh Environment
The 8700 series can withstand the exposures of a harsh working environment. its ability to tolerate temperature fluctuations from -20ºC to 55ºC is ideal to suit various environments-form refrigeration industry, to chemical plants. The IP64-rated device offers protection against everyday elements such as water spray and dust. The 8700 series has been test-proven to manage 1.5-meter drops onto concrete so you can save time and money on maintenance. Additionally, the large keypad allows workers to effortlessly enter information, even with gloves on. The 8700 series can adapt to any industry environment, making it multipurpose.

Access Information Quickly and Easily
The 8700 reduces downtime as information is promptly accessed at any procedural step. Featuring a large 3-inch 160×160 pixel display with touch screen and Graphic User Interface (GUI), the 8700 offers outstanding clarity for making error-free data input and capturing handwriting signatures. with the LED-backlit keypad, workers can complete their tasks in a variety of lighting conditions. the device incorporates Application Generator (AG) to enable quick development and deployment of custom applications to suit your business. C and basic complier ia aslo available for more advanced programming requirements.

Wireless Connecion Goes Beyond
The 8700 series a range of wireless connections to enable personnel on-site and off-site to obtain information. GPS allows managers to accurately locate dispatch trucks to assist with vehicle management. workers can now receive instant updates via reliable WLAN and 3.5G WWAN.

Mobilized Data Solutions for a Streamlined Supply Chain. Long-Lasting Power Performance. Reliable Multi-Shift Operation Productivity
Durable and low-power consumption, the 8700 series is guaranteed to work as hard as your workers-providing nearly 170* hours of efficient energy use in batch mode and 66* hours of continuous WLAN usage. it features a rechargeable 3.7v 4000mAh li-ion battery with a backup battery to protect data during battery replacement. your worker scan now work throughout the day performing inventory control and WIP tracking tasks without interruptions.

Multiple Data Input Options, Maximized Data Collection Efficiency
The 8700 series fulfills your unique application requirements with a variety of data input options-RFID, linear imager, laser,nad 2D imager.In addition, the long range laser enables data collection from a distance in a warehousing or manufacturing setting.whether it’s asset tracking on the manufacturing floor or final product shipping, the 8700 series gets  your workers ready fo work with the reader that best fits the job – minimizing workflow downtime and maximizing productivity for your business.

Centralize Data Management with Easy Transfers and Powerful Software
In a dynamic working environment, it’s essential to incorporate proficient data transfer and simplified customization. with the 8700 series, you are able to connect  to a back-end server via file  transfer protocol (FTP) from the software ” Application Generator (AG)” and “C centralyzed data process makes it  easier to manage and maintain accurate data at all times. Additionally , the 8700 series integrated into mainframe back-end with MIRROR terminal Emulator. the 8700 series truly meets your business demands.

Extend your Applications
The Cipherlab software development kit enables easy customization for the 8700 series with a variety of application and tools to satisfy your unique day-to-day operation needs-enabling  it to communicate data across platforms to back-end servers via WLAN using FTP (file transfer protocol).