Cipherlab 8400

Purposely designed to improve productivity, the 8400 series puts powerful mobile applications with fast and easy data accessin the hands of workers always on the go. An optimal combination of functionality, value, and features in a rugged, ergonomic form, the 8400 series is ideal to accelerate warehousing activities and quickly deploy integrated applications.

Improve productivity

The 8400 enables smarter decisions and enhanced business agility by taking powerful data applications directly to the point of work. Youl’ll reap the benefits in warehousing stock control, picking and order processing, manufacturing goods control, retail in-store, DSD, and field sales force automation.

Streamline complication

Accelerate warehoousing and data management tasks all shift long with 8400. intelligent design makes it easy to view information, quickly enter data, and communicate wirelessly to peripherals nad servers.It’s quick to deploy, rugged, and reliable, delivering low TCO (total cost of ownership) throughout its long life. No matter how you measure, the 8400 serries is smarter-for the worker,IT,and the business.

power suite maximizes your abilities

Cipherlab’s power suite SDK helps you create custom configurations and mobile applications, quickly and efficiently. FORGE application generators custom-build an applications that’s perfect for your situation. STREAM Wireless studio facilitates mobile applications. MIRROR terminal emulators combine the complexity of mainframe applications with mobile versatility. BLAZE compilers turn C or Basic code into efficient applications.

True terminal emulation

In today’s competitive environment, mobilizing existing logistics applications is a smart, low-cost step to improved efficiencies. A purposely designed, rugged mobilizes a warehousing workforce and extends rich-featured applications to the point of work.

True terminal emulation in the 8400 meets VT100/220 and TN5250 standards. A bigger,brighter display, complete function and alphanumeric keys, extended battery life, and wireless capabilities bring the power of the work floor.

True terminal emulation

The smartest business outcomes match function to the task at hand. Warehousing and manufacturing applications don’t benefit from color pictures for efficient workflows-instead, they need the 8400’s computing power, flexibility, and features.

capture more data-store more data

The 8400 offers a choice of linear imager, laser, or 2D imager to give you the right reader for your situation 4MB or 16MB onboard storage plus  one  MicroSD slot gives you 8GB of memory.

See more information-get more done

The largest-in-class backlit, 2.6inch, 160 x 160 pixel display makes work easy, even in dark comers. A 39-key keypad with 20 function keys or a 29-key keypad with 8 function keys allows you to match the format to your needs.

Stay completely mobile all shift long

Nothing stops work faster than on data access or loss of power. That’s why we designed the 8400 series with wireless communications and advanced power efficiency.

Both BT and wireless LAN 802.11 b/g allow easy access to peripherals and data without restrictive cables.

keeps you working, even in harsh environments

Bumps, drops, cold, heat, water, humidity, and constant use : all enemies of electronics. We designed the 8400 series to work in the most difficult environments.It’s built to demanding Ip54 standards and easily survives 1.5 m impact and 1 m tumble testing.