Cipherlab 8300 series

Rugged and lightweight, the 8300 series delivers data capture and communication to achieve new levels of streamlined efficiency.
These powerful mobile computers provide accurate and real-time information critical to optimizing the performance in warehouse, distribution center, delivery vehicle, or stockroom.

Supply Chain :

The Time/Space Continu
The 8300 puts power in the hands of the people that need it most. with these versatile mobile computers, the front office gain insight and control, managers gain timely data detail and employees gain a rugged work partner that makes their jobs easier.
Combining accurate data capture with robust computing power in a rugged ergonomic form, the 8300 brings supply chain efficiency and accuracy to benefit successful enterprise systems, including :

  • In-depth inventory management data in real time
  • Reorder and restock controls for increased inventory turns
  • shorter pick and pack cycles
  • Effective order entry and fulfillment
  • More responsive customer service
  • Error and loss reduction throughout all processes
  • Labor cost efficiency for high return on investment


Logistics : Beyond the Clipboard
Keep your people, and your business, running smoothly with the capabilities of the 8300 series of light industrial mobile computers. These powerful tools offer capture, computing and communications capabilities to support the challenges of transportation management including and telephony. Whether by air, rail, ship,truck and van, real time data allows you to control operations from source to sale, from store to buyer.

Less Force, More Sales
Route accounting, field sales and customer relations are empowered with the accuracy, efficiency and workforce controls of a mobile computing system A streamlined and accurate supply chain, including picking and packing, route assignment, paperless accounting and batch or wireless reporting and ordering are supported with the flexible power of the 8300 series.
Field sales automation allows integration with enterprise-wide CRM systems allowing lead generation, scheduling, contact information, performance tracking , order, status and delivery status management.

Wide Acceptance, Broad Application
Retail, manufacturing, professional service, government agency, and health care applications will benefit from the rugged construction, lightweight ergonomics, robust data management, variety of code readers and long-lasting power supply in the 8300 series.

The 8300 series is engineered to survive the roughest environments. Built to withstand dust and water to IP65 specifications, it operates in temperatures from-10º to 60ºC and humidity up to 95%.
Resilient inside and out, the 8300is tough enough to take repeated 1.2M drops onto concrete and still deliver accurate performance day after day.

With multiple scanning options and unparalleled reading accuracy, the 8300 series is the right tool for the most complex, rigorous operations.
Need to collect combined RFID and bar code data. Gain flexibility with data reader options that allow custom matching read and decode capability- choose from linear image,laser,long-range laser and/or 13.56 MHz RFID.

Running on a 16-bit CMOS CPU, the 8300 series terminals are equipped with 2MB flash memory and 2MB SRAM enabling complete data manipulation and storage. need even more data? Add an optional 4MB or 8MB of SRAM.

The 8300 data info power. Efficient data collection and real-time sharing gives workers and managers the knowledge they need to be most efficient and productive. Add real-time two-way WAN, WLAN capability and the benefits grow exponentially.
The 8300 series provides capabilities ranging from batch transmission via USB cradle and 56K modem up to two-way bluetooth and wifi wireless for up-to-the-moment data management. Link to a wireless/portable printer, or transmit via mobile telephone GPRS through the bluetooth connection.

The high-performance lithium-ion 3.7V 1800mAh battery lasts through the workday, when using batch reporting and the laser option, up to 270 hours between recharges. A companion back-up rechargeable battery guarantees data security for 36 days, even when it’s time to recharge.

Coordinating critical procurement, assembly and delivery functions requires a suite of business and database applications and interfaces. Cipherlab’s proven proprietary operating system supports a wide variety of “C” and “BASIC” solutions from batch to wireless connectivity. custom applications are easily accommodated using existing Cipherlab libraries and/or a windows-based applications generator.