Cipherlab 8200

Light, compact, and easy to use, the 8200 series is built to meet your needs in retail and
healthcare applications. It’s feature-packed and comes with long-lasting power performance,
wireless connectivity, and big display. It supports C and Basic programming also provides
Application Generator for fast customization. The 8200 series is just what you need to
increase productivity, deliver quality customer service, and generate instant profits.

Small Size, Big Performance
Everything You Need for Running Smarter Business
CipherLab maximizes retail workflow and productivity with the introduction of the all new 8200 series. This highly versatile mobile computer features a lightweight, ergonomic form factor and low power consumption to help you carry out day-to-day data collection routines with unique application requirements. From data input versatility to memory capacity expansion and wireless communication, the 8200 series puts the right information in the right hands – guaranteed. As an ideal choice for healthcare applications, the 8200 series is perfect for capturing and processing important data in hospitals, pharmacies and nursing homes, from point-of-care patient identification to record management with seamless accuracy.

• Compact, ergonomic, and low power consumption
• Expandable data storage capacity
• C and Basic programming fast and easy Application Generator

Compact and Ergonomic All-Day Work Comfort

Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your palm as well as your pocket,
the 8200 series lightens heavy-duty data collection tasks, such as receiving
goods, filling empty shelves or performing inventory checks. More work can be
done in less time, by fewer people, and with fewer errors.

Low Power Consumption and User-Friendly,
Reassured Accuracy for Continual Productivity

During the retail peak seasons such as holidays, any kind of data-related delay
or error can result in long checkout lines, misplaced orders and problematic
delivery service. With this powerful mobile computer which comes with nearly
100 operating hours *, and customizable pre-recorded voice notification feature
to ensure the accuracy for all-day data collection, you can always run the tasks
*Battery performance may vary depending on product model, configuration, applications, and
features utilized.

Increased Data Storage, Expanded Capacity

The 8200 series offers an on-board data storage capacity of 4MB or 8MB and a
built-in Micro SDHC slot. A significant amount of data can be captured and stored,
plus the time spent on computer data entry and back-end system updating can be
greatly reduced. For instance; a bookstore customer service representatives can
quickly serve their shoppers by checking the customer data and the status of book
orders directly on the shop floor via the 8200 series.

Versatile Design with Wireless Connection
to Boost Workflow Efficiency

Diverse Enterprise Support
The 8200 series is designed to fully support every need for the enterprises. It brings together powerful computing with a variety of data input options – whether it’s a laser reader for outdoor use, a linear imager for short-distance scanning, or a imager for decoding 2D barcodes which is often seen in the food processing or pharmaceutical industries. With its 24-key phone-style LED-backlit keypad for data entry, the 8200 series ensures data input accuracy under all circumstances. No matter what the application is, the easy-to-learn user interface certainly saves time in training new staff and first-time users.

Real-Time Wireless Connection
For fast data transmission and seamless real-time access to the back-end system,
you can choose from Bluetooth® Class 2.1+EDR, IEEE 802.11b/g, or both. Users can
quickly capture and upload the data to head office and print labels and forms via a
Bluetooth® printer. They can also take customer orders and have them sent to the
checkout stand at point-of-sale to speed up the process and improve the overall
shopping experience.

Reassured Clarity and Comfort
Featuring a 2.1”, 160×160 pixels LED-backlight display, the 8200 series let you view
more data at once and provides the clarity you need to check information under dimly
lit environments. To add comfort and efficiency to intensive scanning duties, an
optional pistol grip is also available.

Extend your Applications

for Effective Data Capture,
Transmission and Management

The CipherLab software development kit enables easy customization for the 8200 series with a variety of
applications and tools to satisfy your unique day-to-day operation needs – enabling it to communicate data
across platforms to back-end servers via Wireless LAN using FTP (File Transfer Protocol).